A land engulfed in mystery, inhabited by vibrant people zealously guarding their culture – dancers, warriors, head-hunters; mountains, valleys, forests – all these form the portrait of Nagaland the moment the word is uttered. But, from extreme mystery to hosting a globally famous cultural festival, Nagaland has come a long way over the years and etched a name for itself in the world’s tourist destination map.

Nagaland came into being on December 01, 1963 as the sixteenth state of the Indian Union with Kohima as her capital. With a geographical area of about 16,579 sq km, she shares her borders with Assam in the North and West, Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh in the East and Manipur in the South. The topography of the state is nearly all hilly, the highest peak being Saramati (3841m) in the district of Kiphire. Many rivers cut through this mountainous terrain, like sharp swords slicing through rocks, the main ones being Dhansiri, Doyang, Dikhu, Milak, Tizu and Zungki. A population of only about 1.9 million, the numbers may sound meagre when compared with the vast population of the Indian peninsula. But, these few people are composed of 16 different major tribes, each representing a unique cultural system.

Spirits, fertility, social bonding and purification are the key elements that form the essence of the Naga festivals – the custom that each tribe follows, translates into a festival. These traditional events, combined with life in the rural areas, are exceptionally engaging and distinctive. All of them are annual events with fixed dates; hence, before visiting Nagaland, the interested traveller can arrange his or her calendar accordingly.


India will be hosting the 2022 South Asian Cross-Country Championships and 56th National Cross-Country Championships at Kohima, Nagaland. I express my gratitude to the South Asian Athletics Federation under the leadership of Dr. Lalit Kumar Bhanot and the Athletics Federation of India under the Presidentship of Shri Adille Sumariwalla for selecting Kohima as the Host City. This will be the biggest ever sports event to be organized in Nagaland. The entire State and its citizens are looking forward to welcoming the sports fraternity of the entire region, especially the participants.

Kohima is a historic city; where history changed course and is the capital of Nagaland, which is known as the Land of Festivals. Nagaland is India’s 16th State and is inhabited by over a dozen tribes, who have a unique history and a rich cultural heritage. I congratulate Nagaland Athletics, under the Presidentship of Shri Abu Metha, for having the courage and confidence to bring this international event to Nagaland. Its realization is a reflection of the energy and ambition of the Naga youth.

I wish the Championships all success and am hopeful that the participants will have a memorable Nagaland experience. All citizens of the State join me in welcoming the international and national participants and I hope that these championships will be a launchpad for many future champions who will bring laurels for the country while upholding the spirit of sportsmanship.
Kuknalim. Jai Hind.

Mr. Neiphiu Rio
Chief Minister,


The official mascot of the Championships is AKIMJI.

The mascot is a joyous and happy running Hornbill bird. The hornbill is Nagaland’s most famous bird. Nagaland’s biggest festival is named after this exotic bird, called the Hornbill Festival.

The word AKIMJI is a connotation of the words AIM, GOAL and AMBITION, which exemplifies the newfound ambition of Nagaland’s young generation.










Teams from around the world participating in the event.

Federation Name Country State View
Andhra pradesh athletics association India Andhra Pradesh View
Bihar India Bihar View
Chandigarh athletics association India Chandigarh View
West bengal athletics association India West Bengal View
Chhattisgarh athletics association India Chhattisgarh View
Delhi athletics association India Delhi View
Goa athletics association India Goa View
Gujarat athletics association India Gujrat View
Uttrakhand athletics association India Uttarakhand View
Haryana state athletics association India Haryana View
Himachal pradesh athletics association India Himachal Pradesh View
J&k state athletics association India Jammu and Kashmir View
Uttar pradesh athletics association India Uttar Pradesh View
Jharkhand athletics association India Jharkhand View
Tripura athletics association India Tripura View
Karnataka athletics association India Karnataka View
Tamil nadu association India Tamil Nadu View
Kerala state athletics association India Kerala View
Sikkim athletics association India Sikkim View
Madhya pradesh athletics association India Madhya Pradesh View
Rajasthan athletics association India Rajasthan View
Punjab athletics association India Punjab View
Puducherry athletics association India Puducherry View
Maharashtra athletic association India Maharashtra View
Nagaland athletics association India Nagaland View
Meghalaya athletics association India Meghalaya View
Athletics association manipur India Manipur View
Telangana athletic association India Telangana View
All india police sports control board India Police View
Railway sports promotion board India Railways View
Services sports control board India Services View
Lakshadweep India Lakshadweep View
Arunachal pradesh India Arunachal Pradesh View
Assam athletics association India Assam View
Pakistan Pakistan View
Sri lanka Sri Lanka View
Nepal Nepal View
Bangladesh Bangladesh View
Maldives Maldives View